At a time when we need state government to work better and be more accountable, Tobias Read is the only candidate in the race who has successfully managed a statewide agency. He will bring that experienced leadership to overseeing our elections and auditing state agencies.


Tobias will continue to make Oregon a national leader in clean and fair elections. And he’ll stand up to anyone who tries to undermine our elections through misinformation, threats or intimidation. He will strengthen security for election workers and protect the people who make our elections run.

Tobias also aims to strengthen Oregon's reputation for accessible voting, working to find new ways to make voting easier and more straightforward. He’ll explore new tools – like giving voters opt-in notifications when their ballot is received and counted – that increase confidence in the elections process.


In addition to running our elections, the Secretary of State is Oregon’s “auditor-in-chief.” Our audit system can be a tool to help rebuild trust in government. It’s the best way to make sure our state tax dollars are not wasted, and have the impact we need.

As Treasurer, Tobias built a strong record of accountability and transparency. He will do the same as Secretary of State making sure our audit system is professional, focused on addressing the greatest risks and free from political interference or agendas. Tobias will also ensure that audits include the input of those who are on the front lines of delivering the vital services that Oregonians need.


Tobias has built a strong record of environmental leadership. As Treasurer, Tobias developed the plan to conserve the Elliott State Forest – turning it into the largest research forest in North America. And he also created a plan to make Oregon's pension fund net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

That track record and those values matter because the Secretary of State is a member of the Land Board, one of the most meaningful environmental positions in Oregon. As Treasurer, Tobias has served successfully on the Land Board for 7 years, the only candidate in this race with that experience. He can step in on day one to protect Oregon’s environment, help us do our part to address climate change, and preserve Oregon’s natural heritage for future generations.

working families

At every step, Tobias has stayed focused on the long term needs of Oregon families. As State Treasurer and during his time as a legislator, he:

  • Responsibly guided more than $100 billion in funds to protect the retirements of Oregon’s public workers
  • Successfully oversaw the implementation of OregonSaves, helping more than 100,000 Oregonians open funded retirement accounts
  • Helped lead the passage of free full-day kindergarten for every Oregon student
  • Passed a low-cost grant program that requires community colleges and universities to designate no- or low-cost courses that use open-source material, saving Oregon students over $152 million.

Through oversight and audits, the Secretary of State can ensure that these and other programs and services are having the intended impact for working families. Tobias believes that audits should not only focus on dollars and cents, but develop criteria to measure impact—especially on how the state provides critical support and opens opportunities for workers, families, students and more.