"Thanks to your continued support, I am honored to be the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State! Let's work together to protect our democracy this November."

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From oversight of our elections to ensure they are fair, transparent, and safe, to audits of state government to make sure our tax dollars are spent effectively, the Secretary of State’s actions impact the life of every Oregonian.

That’s why we need a proven, experienced leader as Secretary of State, with a track record of delivering on our values with integrity we can trust. That leader is Tobias Read.

 As a legislator and State Treasurer, Tobias:

  • Responsibly invests more than $100 billion in Oregon’s trust funds to ensure a secure retirement for hundreds of thousands of public servants, and created OregonSaves, so Oregonians without a retirement plan at work can save for their future.
  • Helped lead the effort for full-day kindergarten, so a good educational start doesn’t depend on your income or zip code; increased options for families to save for college and apprenticeships; and passed Open Oregon, which has saved 1.5 million students over $152 million on college textbooks and course materials.
  • Protected our environment by saving the Elliott State Forest and creating the plan to bring Oregon’s pension fund to net zero carbon emissions.

The Right Priorities for Secretary of State

Tobias believes that the strength of our democracy rests on our ability to hold free and fair elections. He’ll continue to make Oregon a national leader in secure and accessible voting. And he’ll stand up to anyone who tries to undermine our elections with threats or misinformation. 

He will protect Oregon’s election workers by strengthening security against intimidation and threats.

As the state’s chief auditor, Tobias will use audits to make sure our state tax dollars are not wasted, have the impact we need, and are free from political interference.

And at a time when the work of the Secretary of State’s office has never been more important, Tobias Read is the only candidate in the race with successful managerial experience running a statewide agency with nearly 200 employees.

Tobias Read has the character, priorities and experience we need to deliver on our values, protect our democracy and deliver the state government Oregonians deserve.

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