As a community leader, State Representative and your Treasurer, I’ve been honored with the opportunity to make a difference for Oregonians. Just some of the work I am proud of includes:

  • Ensuring students get the right start through All-Day Kindergarten and helping families save for college through the Oregon College Savings Plan;

  • Sponsoring, passing and overseeing OregonSaves, the first-of-its-kind retirement savings plan gives everyone the ability to save for the future and retire with security and dignity;

  • Working to protect our environment, address climate change and save the Elliot Forest;

  • Fixing a loophole in state law to ensure unclaimed funds from class action lawsuits are redirected to nonprofit charities, rather than back to the original corporate wrongdoers;

  • Establishing a Rainy-Day Fund to help stabilize Oregon’s finances.

While these seem like very different issues, I look at them – and all the issues I work on – through a simple lens: look past today and create a better long-term future. And find ways to translate our values and priorities into practical actions with real results.

That is why I am asking for your support to be Oregon's next Secretary of State.

The work of the Secretary of State is fundamental to who we are and has an important impact on our future.

  • It safeguards our democracy by ensuring our elections are secure and transparent and by making it easy for people to participate. Maintaining confidence in our elections has never been more important.

  • It helps hold state government accountable and protects our tax dollars through audits that uncover performance gaps and identify ways to be more effective.

  • It supports our economy, especially Oregon’s small businesses though its Corporations Division.

  • It holds our history and public records through the Archives.

Over the next months I will share my specific, practical ideas to improve each of these critical functions, while always keeping a sharp focus on our future. And I will also offer my record of effectively, honestly and professionally managing a statewide agency responsible for over $130 billion of Oregon’s assets. In the meantime, I hope you will sign up to get updates on the campaign, reach out with your ideas, and join in our shared commitment to Oregon.