As Oregon’s governor, I’ll measure our progress by how our kids are doing - and that means a renewed commitment to our public schools. For too long we’ve been tinkering around the edges rather than making the broad-based changes that we know will make a difference for our kids, like investing in our youngest learners through Baby Bonds and Universal Pre-K, extending student learning before and after school and in the summer, and supporting educators.

Children, parents and teachers have all struggled through this pandemic. Research shows remote learning has been disastrous for our kids, who have fallen behind academically and suffered emotionally. I will do everything I can to keep schools open and kids learning in the classroom, while keeping teachers, staff and students healthy. But rather than going back to business as usual, as governor I will lead the way in making our schools hubs for student learning, community connection, family support, comprehensive nutrition services, and access to physical and mental health care. Investing in our future is my priority, and that starts with investing in our kids.

“Oregon needs a governor with a statewide record of tackling tough issues, delivering results, and fighting for Oregonians living in every corner of this great state. Tobias has shown he can bring people together, and he will continue his work to build economic opportunity and a better future for all. That’s why I’m supporting Tobias. Oregon needs his proven and steady leadership.”

Barbara Roberts

Former OR Gov.

“What Oregon lacks today is a vision of where we want our state to be a decade from now, the steps it will take to get there and an honest conversation about the difficult choices involved with securing that future. Tobias Read has the courage and the integrity to lead us in that conversation and beyond the polarization and divisiveness that is shredding the fabric of our community. Bold, outcomes-based leadership, unfettered by the status quo, is what Oregon needs and what Tobias brings to this race. I am proud to support him.”

John Kitzhaber

Former OR GOV.

“Every Oregonian deserves a problem-solving governor who tackles issues with strength, vision, and an open heart. Tobias Read is the only candidate in this race who has represented every region of the state—and is respected for his frugality, compassion, and skill. As father of two public school children, Tobias has help strengthen education from kindergarten to college. He has brought people together for good jobs, a safe environment, and affordable homes. My wife Sue and I support Tobias, who will be the great governor Oregon needs now, more than ever.”

Les Aucoin

Former congressman

Lee Beyer

OR State Senator

James Manning

OR State Senator

Mark Meek

Or State Representative

Janelle Bynum

Or State Representative

David Gomberg

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Jeff Barker

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Joe Buck

Lake Oswego Mayor

Greg Evans

Eugene City Councilor

Phil Keisling

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Mike Lehman

Coos Bay Community Leader

Randy Fernando

Co-Founder/Owner, Power Finance

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CEO, Palo Alto Software

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Portland Seed Fund

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Owner, Anastasia Salon

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Corvallis Community Member

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Frmr. President, Urban League of Portland

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McMinnville City Councilor