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About Tobias

Tobias Read has been on the forefront of public finance both locally and nationally. His career has long been focused on finding progressive answers for Oregon’s economy. From his time as a student of government to his tenure as a State Representative, Tobias has focused on finding innovative solutions to the issues that face Oregon today. Consistently future focused, Tobias has a reputation as a pragmatic and innovative thinker on issues involving infrastructure, civil justice, and revenue reform.

Born in Missoula, Montana and raised in Boise, Idaho, Read moved to Oregon to attend Willamette University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Economics. After working as a Special Assistant at the U.S. Treasury under Secretary Larry Summers, Rep. Read completed his Master’s of Business Administration at the University of Washington. He then moved back to Oregon for a position at Nike. In 2006 he was first elected to the Oregon House of Representatives.

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key endorsers

ted wheeler
Oregon state treasurer

"Tobias Read has the right skills and experience to wisely manage Oregon's financial future."

Tina Kotek
Speaker of the house

"Tobias is a thoughtful leader with the integrity and smarts to take on the tough issues facing Oregonians."

jessica vega pederson
state Representative 

"Tobias reaches out to both sides of the aisle to find consensus."

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"Tobias has made innovation and education top priorities. I know he'll bring those values to the Office of the State Treasurer."

Christine Vernier
Co-founder, Vernier Software & Technology


"I know Tobias will be a great State Treasurer because he has my interests in mind. He cares about protecting the environment and ensuring an environmental legacy for our children and grandchildren."

Greg Macpherson


Holding Corporations Accountable to the People of Oregon

Before House Bill 2700 passed in the 2015 legislative session, Oregon was one of only two states in the nation that sent unclaimed damages in a class action lawsuit back to corporate wrongdoers. Tobias Read successfully secured the passage of the Cy-Près Corporate Accountability Bill, redirecting those funds instead to legal aid and to a “next best” nonprofit directly related to the case.

Maintaining Our Infrastructure to Secure Our Future

Right now, Oregon's roads and bridges are crumbling, and we have limited financial resources. Tobias Read will continue to find innovative ways to address our infrastructure needs. In 2014, he led the effort to pass House Bill 4111, which did just that by connecting private-sector experience with public sector standards, and by confirming Oregon's participation in the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange.

Ensuring Retirement Security for All Hard Working Oregonians

We are facing a retirement savings crisis in Oregon and across the nation. Nearly half of all Oregonians have less than $25,000 saved for retirement. Tobias Read developed the Save Today, Secure Tomorrow legislation, creating the Oregon Retirement Savings Board. The Board will have the opportunity to create and implement a retirement savings plan for those who lack access to a plan at their workplace. This important financial planning tool will help Oregonians take control of their own financial futures.

Saving to Keep Oregon Strong in Good Times and Bad

All Oregon families know just how important it is to set some money aside and save for a rainy day. Tobias led the charge to establish the Rainy Day Fund in 2009. When times are tough, the Rainy Day Fund will help Oregonians maintain funding for schools and critical services.

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