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Tobias Read: Our State Representative

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TOP STORY: Contracting Jobs Plan Could Bring Big Honors to Beaverton Lawmaker

By Andy Giegerich, Portland Business Journal

An Oregon lawmaker is in line for a hefty honor as the state looks to boost infrastructure efforts among the West Coast states and British Columbia.

Rep. Tobias Read, a Beaverton Democrat, was named as a finalist in the NewDEAL"New Ideas Challenge." Read's leading the charge to develop the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange, which aims to add more jobs in contracting realms, among other sectors.

NewDEAL looks to nurture"smart, pro-growth progressive solutions" that can be rolled out across the country.

The West Cost Infrastructure Exchange seeks to attract private investments for public projects, as well as bundle smaller projects and share best practices while taking climate change matters into account. The region faces a $1 trillion infrastructure financing gap over the next 30 years.

"Because of Tobias's work in the legislature on ideas like the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange, Oregon is on track to address our region's infrastructure needs - creating family wage jobs and investing in Oregon's future," said John Mohlis, executive secretary of the Oregon Building and Construction Trades Council, in a release.

"This project is serving as a model to the rest of the country, as every other state in the nation is facing significant infrastructure challenges. Already, this innovative idea is being copied in other parts of the country."

Posted on November 21, 2014.

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Tobias Read and his wife, Heidi

Tobias Read has always been focused on the future, on what our community — and our state — will look like in the long run. And with the lingering recession and the challenges it's created for our economy, we need his unique brand of long-run thinking now more than ever before. Because the decisions we make today on reviving our economy will shape our state for years to come. Learn more about Tobias.

What will Oregon look like in ten years?

What kind of state will our children inherit from us?

Can we honor Oregon's heritage and traditions while readying ourselves for the future?

For me, answering those questions today means that Oregon will be an even better place to live tomorrow.

I try to approach my job as your State Representative by thinking about the long run, putting long-term priorities over short-term political gain. I want to choose innovation and collaboration rather than obstruction.

I appreciate the support and direction you've given me and hope to be able to continue to work for you.