Tobias Read Endorsed by Governor John Kitzhaber


March 22, 2022

Contact:  Jessica LaVigne, Campaign Manager


Democratic Candidate for Governor Tobias Read Endorsed by Governor John Kitzhaber


Beaverton, OR –  Today, the Tobias Read for Governor campaign announced the endorsement of former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. 


“What Oregon lacks today is a vision of where we want our state to be a decade from now, the steps it will take to get there and an honest conversation about the difficult choices involved with securing that future,” said Governor John Kitzhaber. “Tobias Read has the courage and the integrity to lead us in that conversation and beyond the polarization and divisiveness that is shredding the fabric of our community. Bold, outcomes-based leadership, unfettered by the status quo, is what Oregon needs and what Tobias brings to this race. I am proud to support him.”


Governor Kitzhaber is recognized for establishing the Oregon Health Plan and his life-long commitment to delivering quality health care for Oregonians. Governor Kitzhaber joins former Governor Barbara Roberts, Oregon’s first woman governor, in endorsing Read’s campaign.


“I am grateful to receive the endorsement of Governor John Kitzhaber,” said Treasurer Tobias Read. “I admire the impact his leadership has had on Oregon families and I am thankful to have his counsel in this race.”


A proud Democrat, Tobias Read was elected State Treasurer in 2016 and re-elected in 2020. Before that, he represented the Beaverton area from 2007 to 2016 as State Representative. He lives near Beaverton with his wife Heidi and their two kids. For more information, visit