Tobias Read believes Oregon needs new leadership and a new direction. We can’t afford more of the same in Salem. Tobias knows we face urgent challenges to help our homeless neighbors, reduce gun violence and to keep our schools open so we can reverse the decline in literacy and graduation rates across our state. And he’ll accelerate our investments in clean energy to battle climate change and prevent wildfires.

As the father of two kids in public schools, Tobias will measure our progress by how Oregon’s children are doing: whether it’s having enough to eat, safe streets, the ability to graduate and afford higher education or being able to get a good-paying job. Tobias knows we are only as strong as the next generation.

Gun Violence Prevention

The numbers make clear that we must do much more to reduce gun violence.

K-12 Education

Investing in our future is my priority, and that starts with investing in our kids.


Kids & families benefit from high-quality, affordable childcare, and our economic recovery depends on it.


The climate crisis is no longer something we have the luxury of trying to avoid; it is already upon us.


Getting people safely off the streets by addressing the long-term causes of homelessness.

Reproductive Rights

Oregon must continue to be a leader in protecting reproductive rights.